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Buy Surf Wetsuits Online

Buy Surf Wetsuits Online ===>

Cleanline is The Northwest's "Original" Surf Shop. We carry the Northwest's largest selection of surfboards & surfing wetsuits. Shop wetsuits at Cleanline Surf. Free fast shipping on orders over $75.

Do you have wetsuit questions? Want some experienced advice to help figure out what wetsuit will work for you? For great information on wetsuits, hoods, gloves, boots, rash guards, or just layers in general, we are here and happy to help. Give us a call at 503-738-2061 or use our CONTACT page.

We are a full service surf shop located on the Northern Oregon Coast. Established in 1980 and locally owned and operated, Cleanline is The Northwest's "Original" Surf Shop. We carry the Northwest's largest selection of surfboards & surfing wetsuits, as well as a wide selection of quality, cutting edge surf gear to suit your lifestyle.

The best way to buy a wetsuit is to go to a surf shop. But what if your nearest surf shop is about thousand miles away? You can wait to your next surf trip or you can take the risk and buy your piece of rubber online. How to do it successfully? Here are my tips.

I intentionally skipped american online shops because of shipping costs and I started to search wetsuits on two british sites: and These online stores have well developed navigation and filter systems. I was able to mark crucial features and preferred brands. Their return policy is also friendly and they ship products to Poland without additional costs. Unfortunately with my dimensions options were pretty narrow.

Welcome to the largest selections of wetsuits and neoprene accessories on the planet! Established in 2002 as a one-stop wetsuit shop, we now stock over 25,000 wetsuits, rash guards, wetsuit boots, gloves, and hoods. Regardless of your sport, when the water gets cold we'll be here to help!

Ten minutes across campus, the indoor surf laboratories double as classrooms. Motion cameras, a swim bench ergometer, and a treadmill on hydraulics are just a few of the gadgets placed around the lab, ready to measure how surfers move. Closets are crammed with foam boards, and plastic bins are stuffed with wetsuits from past experiments. Nessler, a mechanical engineer by trade, has even built a few contraptions that exist nowhere else in the country, like a surfboard simulator on pistons that rages like a mechanical bull to mimic riding a wave.

The professors first realized how much wetsuits could be improved in 2002. Nike had purchased Hurley, bringing its coffers and commitment to science over to the surf industry. Hurley, under Nike, tried modifying a wetsuit with a new material, theorizing that it would improve its thermodynamics. Then the company took a rare step in the wetsuit industry: it asked scientists to design an experiment and collect the necessary data to prove or disprove its hypothesis.

Hurley responded positively and built a never before considered wetsuit: 4 millimeters in the legs, 3 millimeters over the lower belly and back, and 2 millimeters in the chest, upper back, and arms. In short, a suit that kept surfers warmer for longer and let them paddle more efficiently throughout the length of their sessions. It seemed like wetsuits were about to be revolutionized.

Are you looking for a shorty wetsuit for your son or daughter? Then our children's shorty's are ideal! The shorty's have short arms and legs. This makes the children's shorty wetsuits perfect to wear during the warm spring days and in the summer. Are you looking for a wetsuit that keeps the body warm? Check out our kids wetsuits.

With one of our children's shorty's your kids will stay warm on a nice summer day. Besides offering warmth, a shorty wetsuit also protects against UV rays from the sun and against chafing from a trapeze or the non-slip coating on the windsurf board.

Size: always make sure that a children's shorty fits your child well, because the better the children's surf suit fits the warmer your child will be on the water.

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