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Playstation Portable

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Playstation Portable

The PSP Go features 802.11b[79] Wi-Fi like its predecessors, although the USB port was replaced with a proprietary connector. A compatible cable that connects to other devices' USB ports is included with the unit. The new multi-use connector allows video and sound output with the same connector using an optional composite or component AV cable. As with previous models, Sony also offers a cradle (PSP-N340)[69] for charging, video out, and USB data transfer on the PSP Go. This model adds support for Bluetooth connectivity,[80] which enables the playing of games using a Sixaxis or DualShock 3 controller. The use of the cradle with the controller allow players to use the PSP Go as a portable device and as a console, although the output is not upscaled. PlayStation 1 games can be played in full screen using the AV/component cable[69] or the cradle.

The new style of portable game consoles. An invitation not only to enjoy immersive games with 3D graphics but also video and music entertainment of exceptional quality. Convenience was paramount in the compact and symbolic design of the PSP. This, and the fact the unit was quite full-featured, made it quite popular. The curved body easily fits in the hands of various gamers. On the front panel, the controls are carefully organized to allow users to focus on video content.

The PlayStation Portable was Sony's first major attempt at breaking into the mobile market. The console was announced at E3 2003 and officially hit store shelves in 2005. It was the most powerful portable console at the time, and some believed that it would finally give Nintendo's handhelds a run for their money. It was known for its advanced graphical capabilities, and it could also be used as a portable media player. Ultimately, it proved to be a critical and commercial success for Sony.

The original PlayStation Portable, dubbed the PSP 1000, was the first handheld to use an optical disc format, also known as UMD (universal media disc). With it's multimedia capabilities and PlayStation 2 quality visuals, the PSP helped start a revolution in the portable gaming industry. The PSP 1000 was also an outstanding multimedia player. While earlier portable game systems had released TV and Radio Tuners, the PSP was the first machine to truly combine multimedia and games into one package. Gamers could enjoy all their favorite music, movies and photos, all on one glorious little machine. UMD movies were sold along side video games in most retail locations, further adding to the PSP's clout as an all in one media device.

In 2011 the Playstation Portable had shipped over 71 million units. To mark this milestone Sony launched a new version with a low price point of just $99. In April of the same year, Sony announced the PSP Go would go out of production, with Sony saying it was shifting its focus to the next generation portable gaming device, which would become the Playstation Vita retailing for $249. The timing was unfortunate for Sony as it was still recovering from the PR nightmare which was the Playstation Network hack, which resulted in 2.2 million customer credit card numbers being compromised and 77 million users reporting fraudulent activity on their credit cards. Amidst the hack, Sony shut down the network for over a week during the month of April.

Nintendo got its next portable, the DS, to the market in November 2004. The PSP debuted in Japan in December of 2004; distribution to North America began a few months later. The Nintendo DS embodied several innovations, the most notable of which was a second LCD screen (this one a touch screen) that worked in tandem with the first. But where the DS was basically just a good handheld game system, the PSP was a new hybrid: a combination game system and media player.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable is a role-playing video game developed by Atlus and a portable edition of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 which first came out on the Playstation 2 in 20

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