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What's New in Cycling 74 Max 7.14?

What's New in Cycling 74 Max 7.14?

Cycling 74 Max is a powerful and flexible software for creating interactive music and visuals. Max lets you connect objects with patch cords, create dynamic sounds and graphics, and extend your creativity with code.

In this article, we will explore some of the new features and improvements that were introduced in Max 7.14, the latest version of Max as of April 2023.

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MC: Multi-channel Audio Processing

One of the most exciting additions to Max 7 is MC, a new way of working with multiple audio channels. MC allows you to create complex soundscapes, effects, and mixes with fewer objects and patch cords.

With MC, you can:

  • Use any MSP object with multiple audio channels by adding mc. before its name

  • Connect MC objects with multi-channel patch cords that can carry up to 1024 channels

  • Mix to any number of audio outputs with mc.mixdown

  • Control individual or groups of channels with MIDI, MPE, automation, and more

MC opens up a new world of sonic possibilities for sound design, spatialization, granular synthesis, and more. You can learn more about MC and watch tutorials on the Max website.

Mappings: Simplified MIDI and Keyboard Control

Another new feature in Max 7 is Mappings, a simple way to assign physical controls to your patch without any patching. Mappings lets you use MIDI controllers, computer keyboards, or even gamepads to control any parameter in your patch.

To use Mappings, you just need to:

  • Enter Mappings Mode by clicking on the Mappings button in the toolbar or pressing Cmd+M (Mac) or Ctrl+M (Windows)

  • Select a slider, dial, button, or any other UI object in your patch

  • Move your controller or press a key to assign it to the selected object

Once you've mapped your controller, you can exit Mappings Mode and start playing your patch. You can also save and load your mappings for different controllers or patches.

Mappings makes it easy to control your patch with hardware without adding any extra objects or code. You can use Mappings for anything from simple volume control to complex event triggering.

Vizzie 2: Rebuilt with OpenGL

Vizzie is a collection of over 80 high-level modules for interactive video. Vizzie lets you create stunning visuals with drag-and-drop simplicity.

In Max 7.14, Vizzie has been completely rebuilt with OpenGL, which means:

  • Better performance and smoother graphics

  • More flexibility and compatibility with Jitter objects

  • New modules for 3D shapes, lighting, shaders, textures, and more

Vizzie 2 is a perfect launchpad for learning Jitter, the powerful video processing engine in Max. You can also combine Vizzie with MC to create immersive audiovisual experiences.

Other Improvements in Max 7.14

Besides these major features, Max 7.14 also includes many other improvements and bug fixes. Some of them are:

  • Faster launch time and patch loading time

  • Improved performance for coll object (up to 60x faster), Jitter texture to matrix copying, matrix output, and physics engine

  • VST3 support for hosting external plugins

  • Gen for events: a new way of creating event-based logic with Gen code

  • Node for Max: a way of running Node.js code inside Max patches

  • A streamlined patching workflow with improved search, alignment tools, color themes, and more


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