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Nokia Sl3 Logger V1.05 !!EXCLUSIVE!!

pansharo 19191a764c -sl3-logger-v106[ -sl3-logger-v106 ][ -sl3-logger-v106 ][ -sl3-logger-v106 ]link= -sl3-logger-v106link= -sl3-logger-v106link= -sl3-logger-v106

Nokia Sl3 Logger V1.05

Download File:

=====================Installer v1.1324.05.2011=====================- New BB5 FBUS/USB Loaders v11.14.0 introduced- Added 20 digits NCK recognization. Software will now give alert upon reading LBF data, when 20 digits NCK data will be found. This saves server time!- The Profile Bits are also analyzed now during Reading LBF Data. If phone is i.e. from Telcel Mexico - LBF data will not be readen (because it will not accepted calculated NCK code). This saves server time!- BB5/XGold LBF is creating now additional "BCL" format file- BB5/XGold LBF is creating now additional "SHA" format file- BB5/XGold LBF is creating now additional oclHashCat ATI based 64-bit BAT File- BB5/XGold LBF is creating now additional oclHashCat ATI based 32-bit BAT File- BB5/XGold LBF is creating now additional oclHashCat NVIDIA based 64-bit BAT File- BB5/XGold LBF is creating now additional oclHashCat NVIDIA based 32-bit BAT File- SIMLOC30 RPL Write Fixed (C7-00,C2-01,...)- The generated "BAT" file could be used by oclHashCat-lite. It's 3rd party software, avaiable here: -lite-0.05.7z . Unpack it somewhere, and place in same dir readen "BAT" files. oclHashCat is 15% faster (can reach 6Billions hashes/sec on 2xhd5970) than log2cod, plus it supports latest ATI GPUS (HD6970,HD6990,HD6xxx). It supports calculation resume, etc.- You don't need now log2cod to generate LBF Data. Just use generated BAT file for fast oclHashCat calculation. Generated COD file you can send directly to our server via "Send COD File to server" button to receive valid Level 7 code.- Added oclHashCat COD file format support (now you can use oclHashCat generated COD/TXT files to submit to server and calculate Level 7 code)- Added MxCrap COD file format support (now you can use oclHashCat generated COD/TXT files to submit to server and calculate Level 7 code)- Added warning message when TX2 transmission error occurs during 2ND Loader Initialization- Upgraded RAPIDO Custom loader to v1.05. Fixed Reading Unique Data issues on old Public Rom (A8C1D671) based phones (N95,N78,...).- BlackBerry MEP-4 calculation added- Merged previous updates (RAPIDO/RAPU/RAP4 all latest hashes support for reading LBF data, etc...)- Fixed Security Code Reset Issues on DCT4/BB5 Platform- Firmware v1.61 Released- Minor changes and bugfixes

=====================Installer v1.0523.04.2010=====================- Added support for NEW Nokia BB5 FBUS CMT Loaders (flashing new phones - E52 ST Chip, X3, X6, 5530, etc, etc), supported RAPU,RAPIDO,RAPv4 phones,etc. You can flash your phone using New Protocol, but also manage Reading/Writing Certificates,etc.- Added support for BB5 FBUS New Protocol APE Loaders- Added support for Unlock / Relock / Autolock DCT4 RSA Based phones (1661, 5030, 1202, and generally ALL ASIC 11 phones), without patch. Solution is standalone and to unlock one phone takes no longer than 2 seconds.- Added CS Repair due to Bad Simlock in ASIC11 phones (no patch)- Latest Nokia Loaders 2010 Introduced (including upgraded RAPv3 old prot algo 9.50)- Added SD Repair, RPL Calc, etc for RAP3v2 phones (hash E9EFF4BFAA5393217CA6B17755FC3E14)- Added SIMLOCK BACKUP for SL3 phones (can be restored even after fullerase)- Added support for NCK Reading, SD Extracting, and more accurate Securtity Analysis for v30.xx phones (N96,5800,etc - so called by "mx" team "sl3" but in fact is simple sl2), previous versions gave msg about "Decryption fails"- Added COM Emulator - now Cyclone Box can work as UNI BOX with UFS Pinout !- Added one-click analyze / repair of Dynamic Camera Configuration (blank screen, "camera not ready",etc) based phones (DCT4plus, 5310, 7210, 5220, 6700, others) supported Camera Drivers:

- Added TX2 warning when certificate is being not accepted (common problem while writing RPL)- Updated Nokia USB Connectivity Drivers to Upon installation, StoredFiles permission is now set to full to avoid Permission problems (and software is still safe for trojans/etc)- Folder "StoredFiles" is no longer marked to Delete upon Uninstallation to keep old backup files- Rewritten BB5 RPL Backup routine, now Certificates are being backed-up first, so even if phone is DEAD, still certs will be backed-up- Factory defaults after flash are now defaultly ticket (BB5,DCT4)- Mode transition manager added in firmware v01.37- Software accept Mode Transision to "Normal" when phone goes to "Power Off"- Flash Variants are displayed now in descending order- SL Array readen now upon RPL Backup is Keyb/FBUS Count masked- Now, all 7 codes are being sent to phone (some phones don't accept +7 codes - tested on N71)- Fixed NCK Calculation for some mobiles (Security Section Checksum Error)- When software detects HWC/CCC/Variant certs mismatch, it tries to write local one from database- Fixed smartcard not responding for reset in some configurations- Fixed "Failed to Read SP Info" on older RAPv2 phones- Path manager - bug "/" fixed- Fixed problems with StoredFiles managing when software have no enough permissions (occurs on WinVista / Win7)- SX4 Bypass is removed now (no need anymore)- Improved sending CMT Secondary Loader- Fixed TX2 test crash when phone is completly erased (TOC erased)- Added automatic PM upload with field 1,309 after SX4 Authorization (one-click ST_SECURITY_FIX !), Supported 100+ BB5 phones in local database- Improved Security Analysis, added HWC/CCC/Variant Certs Check- Box Firmware : 01.0C, Access Violation Fixed- Runtime Error when "Disable Skins" enabled fixed- Taksbar problems fixed- Fixed 1208 UEM Read/IMEI Rebuild- N73 booting improved (when backing up crt, writing rpl incorrect loaders was assumed before)- New Nokia Firmware introduced, improved stability a lot- DCT4Plus relock fixed- Mode transition improved- BB5 USB Flashing fixed- Factory Set problems fixed- Fixed problems when dealing with RAP3v2 Phones- Skin manager upgraded to v6.63- HW Platform is now being readen upon Box Initialization- Added support for CTF'2010 Platform- Flashbus writing speed increased about 10%- Flashbus FUR messages reading speed increased about 40%- BB5 Booting procedure rewritten, now no problems in phones like 5800,N97,5200,etc..- After flashing, added average writing speed display- BootAgent removed, now Bootloader upgrade is managed by middle-loader- Main Firmware rewritten from scratch, old bugs gone away.- MPU Added- Improved Oscillator startup time, box hangup fixed in some cases- Realtime clock not used anymore, too much hardware problems when box not started- Fixed booting dead BB5 mobiles- If bb5 booting fails, SW displays possible reason reported by new firmware- BB5 is being try to boot now without hardware VCC switch- Added USB Dualport transactions (increases speed)- Added old protocols support (tick "Use Old Protocols Loader")- Upon finding CMT/APE loaders, it shows a find parameters (TX2 line, Requested Protocol Type, etc)- BB5 flash_block_Data checksum fixed- Additional flash chip information is now shown upon BB5 Alg Boot (VPP Info, Chip Size)- Fixed boot when after activating DCT4 FTD phone comes to dead- Fixed "Failed to decode MSID" when flashing some PPM DCT4 files- UPP ID is now represented as hex upon Read Info- Added detection whether Pri/Sec camera exists or is configurable- Minor changes and bugfixes- Black Skin introduced- Fixed DCT4 Unlock not being executed after Flashing Procedure- Versions snapInstaller v1.05Main x86 Application v1.0.0.9392x86 Memory Manager v4.92Native USB Drivers v1.0.0.4USB-COM Stack Drivers v1.0.0.0Onboard Secure Bootloader v2.10Onboard Main Nokia Application v01.37Onboard COM Emulation Code v1.00Onboard Security Card Revision v1.09Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers v7.1.22.0BB5 USB/FPIF Single Line/FPIF DualLine v20100410DCT4 FPIF Single Line/USB v20100410DCT4 Unlock Patches DEPRECATEDCommunication Stack SSLv3-keys-06092008Skin Stack v6.63

=====================12.02.2010=====================- WORLD'S UNIQUE : Standalone Superdongle Key Calculator Added! No internet, no logs, no time! Calculation time - 0.003 sec ! Works for any SL1, SL2 and SL3.- WORLD'S UNIQUE : Standalone Unlocking/Relocking using RPL Added! No internet, no logs, no time! Calculation time - 0.002 sec ! Works for any SL1 and SL2.- WORLD'S UNIQUE : Standalone SX4 Authorization Added! Box is now emulating Nokia SX4 card - no need internet, no need logs to authorize ANY Nokia Phone, just box! Works for any SL1, SL2 or SL3. Emulated SX4 works with ORIGINAL NOKIA Superdongle keys (no need rebuild SD), Custom keys (made by Cyclone,MT,UB), etc. In case of Authorization fail, it will automaticly write and authorize using Custom Keys. Authoirzation time - 0.004 sec ! Supported are RAP and RAPIDO mcu, in case of RAPU phones SX4 Remote Card will be used. After authorization with Cyclone, PHONE STILL CAN be Authorized with ORIGINAL SX4 Card!- WORLD'S UNIQUE - Cyclone can now authorize Barred Phones (with Correct superdongle keys, but with higher KeyIndex ever used than 0 (possible KeyIndex 0..7), SX4 card can use any higher keyindex at time, when higher key

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